My whole world changed in July 2016. My newborn son began having uncontrollable seizures. From that moment on I was thrown into an abyss of nightmarish situations that I was sure could not actually be happening to me. My life became the Grey’s Anatomy episode that I was desperate to turn off.

My infant son, Jack, has a very rare genetic form of epilepsy called Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy. This diagnosis did not come easily and I have developed a serious love/hate relationship with the brain. Iย want to help other families experiencing similar situations. I want to spread some love and laughter because motherhood is often impossible… throw in some serious medical conditions and you have a recipe for mommy meltdown.

Our journey is fraught with emotional highs and lows, laughter and tears, and most of all lots of love! So pick me, choose me, follow me (and I promise to keep all Grey’s Anatomy references to an absolute minimum)!